John Barratt nicknames himself and 81 year old Margaret the

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Replica Hermes Belt Paragliding pensioner, 83, takes to the skies to honour wife suffering with Alzheimer’s”Sometimes she can’t remember me or remember she has a husband” said John Barratt. He and his wife have been nicknamed ‘the real life Notebook’ByJess Owen13:05, 11 SEP 2015Paragliding pensioner: John jumped off a 6,000 ft high mountain at the age of 83 (Image: Cavendish) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThese incredible photos show an 83 year old braving heights of 6,000 ft as a tribute to his wife of 61 years who has Alzheimer’s.John Barratt nicknames himself and 81 year old Margaret the ‘the real life Notebook’ after the romantic drama about a couple faced with dementia taking away the wife’s memories.Every day John, who himself has bowel cancer, travels to her nursing home and spends eight hours by her side.Recently on holiday with his family in Olu Deniz, Turkey, he shocked his relatives by unexpectedly offering to paraglide off the 1,969 metre high Mt Babadag to raise money for research into his wife’s medical condition.An instructor took pictures of them on a selfie stick as they glided over the Aegean Sea.”We have had such a good life together but Alzheimer’s has meant I became her carer and I have cared for her ever since.”I spend 8 hours every day with her in the home and always remind her of things we did and play music that she used to love.”Not only does Alzheimer’s change the life of the sufferer but it also changes the life of their partner.”It changes the companionship of marriage into the role of caregiver.”It’s a sad situation as we have been together for 61 years now and to end your life like this is a bit sad.”She cannot see me properly any more. Sometimes she can’t remember me or remember she has a husband Replica Hermes Belt.

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